11882410_838472322932774_8336685633080424263_oOne activity at our summer event programme planned by a group of children and young people was a garden party with lots of activities around food making. On a rainy Thursday afternoon 20 participants came together enjoying the Capstone indoor style party space. We had a magic fruit ice making station where everyone had a go at creating tasty ice cream from bananas. Than everyone had chance to make their own pizza, learning what makes a pizza so tasty, watching the baking and of course yummy eating! Last but not least, we decorated cup cakes and were amazed about the many creative ideas like flowers, bugs, the minions, butterflies and much more. The participants had fun with food and also getting to know each other in games and by solving the big family quiz. A busy and joyful afternoon.

Introducing Demi

Demi is a 15 year old birth child of foster carers Natalie and Simon who have been foster carers for over 6 years. Demi has been very involved in the fostering experience and shared her perspective of fostering in a poem that she wrote for Capstone which you can read here. Demi talks about the process of fostering and how it affects the children of foster carers, which can sometimes be a missed perspective. Fostering has affected Demi in many ways and one of the benefits to Demi and her family is the compassion that it has installed in Demi.

World Challenge to Malawi

Demi would now like to reach out to children further afield and is going on a trip to Malawi in Summer 2016. Part of her expedition will include charity work where she will be digging a water well, as well as teaching children in an orphanage. To support Demi, Capstone have agreed to sponsor part of her trip and support her fundraising efforts.  You can follow Demi’s progress on her Facebook page.

If you would also like to sponsor Demi, you can click here to donate via her World Challenge fundraising page: Get Demi to Malawi.

Demi has said that any donation will help. Over 5000 people have seen her poem on Facebook and if each person had given 20p – she would have made a massive £1000, so every penny counts!

Demi’s Vlog

Demi has also started a video blog to share her experiences of a birth child in a fostering family and we will be posting these regularly on this page, and on social media too. In Demi’s first blog she talks about fostering and how her experience of supporting young people has shaped her response to the killing of Cecil the Lion. We think she makes some excellent points – and this is a great first video blog from Demi!