Our team of staff and carers got together in Barnsley today to learn more about sexual health. The session was led by Janice Louis, a health professional who led with a presentation called ‘Sexual Health Matters’ and involved the carers and staff with debates and quizzes to engage and inform.


The group had a lively discussion around the ethical and legal aspects surrounding children obtaining contraception ad sexual health advice. The group discussed ideas about how to initiate appropriate conversations with children and young people about sexual matters and books on this subject were loaned out from our Capstone library.
Senior Practitioner Gail Holbrook said:

” Carers were able to discuss concerns they had experienced with the young people they care for and receive much valued support from their peers. We had some useful  leaflets for carers to take away, as seen on the photos and Janice gave us some useful websites to further our research. We also did some interesting quizzes about STI’s – and we all learnt about some conditions we had never heard of before!  “

There is a high demand for foster carers to support teenagers in Barnsley and across England. Children who come into care do so for a variety of reasons and we support foster carers by providing relevant training to meet the needs of the young people and children they are looking after.

We know that not everyone feels ready to foster teenagers, or children with particular needs or challenging behaviours. That’s why with specialist support, training and advice we can enable many foster carers to enhance the lives of many looked after children, and help them to progress as a foster carers, with professional skills.

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