Here’s an update from Social Worker Jo, about one of her real-life super hero foster carers:

I visited one of my carers on Friday to find out that he is an actual real life ‘SUPER HERO’. Well you can imagine my response to this? What on earth have you been doing? It was with great pride that he showed me a card expressing:

“GREAT THANKS for saving my life”.

The story goes, that whilst out shopping with his lovely wife he hears a call of distress;

“Help help please help me!”

Without hesitation he runs off to the nearby canal to be greeted by a woman who is in the canal unable to get out. Without thinking he grabs hold of her and pulls her out. She is lying on the floor totally distressed. He wraps his coat around her to keep her warm. She informs him that she had jumped in after a dog!

At Capstone we think that all of our carers are SUPER HERO’s OR HEROINE’S as you all do an absolutely fantastic job with some of society’s most vulnerable children. There is a super hero in all of us. Not one where you you have a cape and can fly. But one that is able to offer children and young people the care and stability that they so desperately need. You all have super powers that far surpass any fictional ‘super powers’ yours are real and have a real impact on the the children and young people that  you care for. We desperately need more people who care for and nurture our vulnerable children. Is there a hidden hero inside you? You don’t have to be like my carer, who will remain anonymous, we definitely don’t want you jumping into canals but you can make a significant difference. Many  many thanks to all our carers MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL!

super hero


Families in Stoke on Trent are being urged to consider becoming foster carers after it is revealed that more than 450 children were referred for fostering in Stoke alone last year.

Capstone Foster Care will be holding a fostering Coffee Morning at The Bridge Centre, Birches Head Monday 13th March from 10.30-2.30pm. The event will allow Stoke on Trent residents to find out more about fostering.


110 individual Children and Young People were referred to Capstone for fostering in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire County Council last year, Capstone Foster Care are inviting families that have a spare room, the time and patience to become foster carers to stop by on Monday 13th March 2017 for further information.


Local Carers became approved foster carers in 2013. They commented:

 “If I were asked to go back to a 9-5 job now, the answer would be ‘definitely no’. When you see you’re making a difference and hear genuine laughter coming from a child, who has had so many reasons to be sad, it makes everything worthwhile!”


Sara Chambers Ross, Regional Director at Capstone Foster Care, commented:

 “It is really important for looked after children to stay near to their families and Stoke is a vibrant city with a strong sense identity and community.  The children and young people of Stoke need local families to come forward and consider whether fostering is right for them and we look forward to meeting people for a cuppa and cake at the Bridge Centre”

People in and around Lewisham are being urged to consider becoming foster carers so that children and young people in care can remain in their local community.

Capstone Foster Care will be holding a fostering information event at The Glass Mill Leisure Centre on Saturday 18th March 2017 between 12pm and 6pm.

The event will allow Lewisham residents and visitors to the borough to find out more about fostering.

264 children and young people were referred to Capstone for fostering in Lewisham in the past 6 months, and this included 40 groups of brothers and sisters who needed to be kept together. We also received requests for a parent and child to be placed together in a foster home.

Capstone Foster Care is inviting people that have a spare bedroom and are interested in fostering to stop by for a chat on Saturday 18th March 2017 to get more information. We’ll be delighted to see you and happy to answer any questions you ask.


Here’s what some Capstone foster carers say:

“Like any new venture in life we are learning all the time, the varied training offered by Capstone has really helped us and gives the feeling that nothing is out of reach to help and support these young people. The fostering experience has been an enjoyable and positive one for us and hopefully also for the children we have cared for.”


Seamus Jennings, Regional Director at Capstone Foster Care South East,

“Capstone Foster Care has an impressive record and reputation of young people making great progress with our foster carers. We provide foster carers with the necessary training and support and guidance but it’s their commitment and care which really makes the difference and changes the lives of young people beyond recognition. Please come and join our team!”       

About Capstone Foster Care

Founded in 2007, Capstone Foster Care now has more than 140 staff supporting more than 600 foster carers nationwide. Locally, Capstone has a team at Dartford covering South London and further afield.

We are passionate about the children and young people in our care and believe that they all deserve to live in a safe, stable and secure family environment. This allows them to thrive and flourish, and to reach their potential – often exceeding expectations!