I got involved in a Wolf Run last year and some friends of mine thought it would be a good idea to try for the Alpha Wolf medal in 2017. To receive the medal, you have to do 4 wolf runs in 1 year, so I signed up and set my sights on achieving 4 within the year.

For one reason or another, my friends didn’t sign up in time and I’ve ended up doing the 4 runs as a lone wolf : )



I’ve only got into running last year due to my friends encouraging me to do a mud run and wolf run, I had never ran properly before but I have been doing the odd bits of fitness over the past 2 years as a way of helping cope with life’s daily stresses. So far I have completed 1 run and have another 3 to go so wish me luck!


I look forward to my achievements and receiving my medal and am happy to encourage others to consider fostering.

Capstone Foster Carer


Families in Exeter are being urged to consider becoming foster carers after it is revealed that more than 200 children were referred to Capstone for fostering in the Devon area in past 6 months.

Capstone Foster Care will be holding another fostering information due to the success of the Fostering Fortnight event in May at Headway Devon, The XCentre, Commercial Road, Exeter, EX2 4AD on Tuesday 27th June between 6-9pm. The event will allow Exeter residents to find out more about fostering.

160 individual Children and Young People were referred to Capstone for fostering in the Devon area in the past 6 months, within this figure were 59 Children/Young people who had specific needs, 41 sibling groups and 16 parent and child referrals and 46 where we have no vacancies currently available in this area all seeking foster care. Capstone Foster Care are inviting families that have a spare room, the time and patience to become foster carers to stop by on Thursday 18th May to find out more information.

Exeter residents Lesley & Trevor became approved foster carers in 2011. Trevor commented:

Elaine Leitch, Regional Director at Capstone Foster Care, commented:

“Capstone Foster Care has been based and working across the whole of the South West for the past ten years and has a solid history of making sustainable foster placements where young people make excellent progress. We have worked with Somerset Council to provide a variety of placements for young people who they have not been able to find suitable families from within their own resources. We are also in the process of renewing our Tenders with the majority of Local Authorities in the South West, and to enable us to meet the demand for placements will be seeking to recruit and approve more foster carers. We look forward to meeting residents from Gloucestershire, who may be interested in the rewarding job of fostering a young person.”


Capstone Foster Carer says:

“We feel very proud and privileged to be foster carers for Capstone. We know that we are valued and cared for and this is hugely important when looking after a young person in care. Capstone is like one big extended family for us, we know if times get tough, we will get the support we need and when times are good, together we celebrate our successes. We also get to attend lots of therapeutic training which is not only interesting but helpful in our day to day lives. For us, it is all of the above that helps us to be the best foster carers we can be and this in turn helps us to make a big difference in the lives of children and young people.” 


About Capstone Foster Care 

Founded in 2007, Capstone Foster Care now has more than 140 staff supporting more than 600 carers nationwide. Locally, Capstone has a team at Bristol, which covers the whole of Bristol & Gloucestershire.

We are passionate about the children in our care and believe that all children deserve to live in a safe, stable and secure family environment. This environment allows children to have a sense of security, which enables them to improve their emotional wellbeing.

We’re always keen to support and sponsor young sports teams. We were delighted to recently present the YMCA All Saints team in Plymouth with a cheque for £350.DSCN0402[4]

We’ve sponsored the Under 13s side for a year, whilst they spent their first year in the Premier Division of the Devon Junior Minor League. This league was new territory for the boys who have worked hard to grow and develop their skills. The boys are ready to take on the new challenge in the Under 14s Plymouth League 2nd division, aiming for promotion again.

Marketing Co-ordinator, Karen Winser, took the opportunity to talk to parents and the team about fostering and how Capstone are looking forward to supporting the club for another year. The team manager, George Neild said: “I would like to say how thankful I am of yourself and to everyone at Capstone for sponsoring us this year! All the boys love and cherish their new training equipment and the kit we managed to get has turned out lovely with your logo on the front. Also to pass on our thanks and gratitude to Capstone for sponsoring us again for the this season we all really do appreciated it”.


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