Alison WilliamsAlison, Recruitment Co-ordinator,  from our Midlands team has been fundraising again. Alison hosted a ladies night to raise money for in support of the Brain Tumour Charity in support of her friend, Charlotte, 25, who has been living with terminal brain cancer for 3 years.

The event was attended by local ladies, and they enjoyed a raffle, auction and pop up shops. On the night they raised £111, Capstone will be matching the amount raised. Charlotte who has been named as a Young Ambassador for the Brain Tumour Charity, said: “I am very grateful to everyone for their support.”


Alison said: “I was happy to support Charl with fundraising and raising awareness, she has now been named a young ambassador for the Brain Tumour Charity and I am extremely proud of her and others that continue to keep positive and strive to achieve more for themselves and others in a similar situation. Helping others and remaining positive when faced with negative situations/circumstances is important, together we achieve more than alone.”



Jane, Supervising Social Worker from Capstone South West, took part in the ‘Women V Cancer, Ride the Night’ cycling challenge around London. Jane wanted to help raise funds to continue research and ensure more women survive in future.


Jane said: “ I want to help raise funds to continue research and ensure more women survive in the future. I completed the 100k (64 miles) charity bike ride to raise money for three different women’s cancer charities.  It was hard work, I don’t mind admitting and after 8 hours in the saddle, I was a little achy to say the least!  But it was great fun and I am probably going to do it again next year.  The ride started at Windsor Racecourse and we set off about 10.20, we had a few stops on the way and Buckingham palace was the half way point.  It was daylight when we arrived back at 6.30am, limping a little due to a knee injury!  The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping it off, as you do with any good Saturday night out!  ”


Dressed in various shades of pink and fairy lights, approximately 3,500 women from all over the UK participated in the race. Jane has raised over £500 so far, and Capstone will contribute a further £200 to this great cause.


G had been with us for two and half years when we decided to introduce him to Adrian’s love of electric trains. This started with a basic Hornby set which fitted exactly on our kitchen table. The ‘boys’ spent hours in the kitchen together plotting how they could expand the set without upsetting ‘Mum’ too much. Even G’s social worker was in on the plot as she, too, spent her visits with G in the kitchen with the trains.

Eventually we all agreed that a huge layout could be built in our dining/music/craft room – now called the train room. We have spent hours at train fairs from Poole to Cornwall looking for bargain trains with G saving his pocket money avidly to increase his stock. Landscapes have been made and buildings designed, then constructed from scrap materials. The electrics sometimes proved a sticking point with, often, G’s fresh approach solving the problem.

Three years later and it is still an on-going project. A little like the Forth Bridge, there is always something to do or change.

Train track

Whilst watching all this unfold we have realized how it mirrors the experiences of children in care. First, a secure foundation must be built. After a while humps and bumps may be found which must be either circumnavigated or smoothed over. Always a way must be found or there will be a total breakdown of the system. The trains may work really well for a long while and then there can be a sudden derailment. It can take a long time to find the reason for the derailment – often just a tiny speck of dirt or dust on the track. Always the unexpected can cause major upset. It is a work in progress which needs a lot of dedication, patience and understanding – just like G who is now almost thirteen. A young lad with additional needs who has had over five years of love and understanding from us and Capstone to try to keep him ‘on track’.

Written by a Capstone Foster Carer

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