We are delighted to tell you we have arranged a Costco membership for all foster carers and staff within the Capstone Foster Care Group.  This will give you significant benefits as a ‘Trade’ member.

Costco has 24 stores throughout England, 3 stores in Scotland and 1 in Wales.  All are open 7 days per week and sell almost everything you might wish to buy at significantly lower prices than offered in normal retail shops.  They regularly issue SAVINGS offer booklets at different periods throughout the year.  A further bonus… bigger savings!

Checkout www.costco.co.uk and be surprised by the range of what you can buy there.  You may be able to save several hundred pounds each year from your visits to Costco.

Here are foster carer friends Julian and Shauna making the most of their membership!

Well done to Debs and Ally from our Midlands team who recently completed the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Society in memory of Debs’ mum, Sylvia King, and for other friends.

Debs said:

“My family and I recently completed the Alzheimer’s memory walk. It’s a charity close to my heart as my mum had Alzheimers and dementia. As as a group we raised £1,015 in total, It was a fantastic family event.”

Care Leavers Group, Bowling and trampolining!

In July we held a Care Leavers Group activity, where three young people met a Care Leaver, Bardhyl, who spoke about his life, how he found it challenging moving to the UK, where he spoke no English. Bardhyl found playing sport enabled him to become part of a group, where he developed his English language and social skills. After a Pizza lunch, the young people created and decorated a working clock, mobile phone numbers were exchanged and they all left together, heading for the station, chatting away. S stated “I enjoyed the workshop because I interacted with people who I can relate too”

At the start of the summer holidays, we headed to the MFA Bowling Alley, Luton, with eleven young people and nine carers, we enjoyed a game of bowling followed by lunch. E commented “we all played together, had a good time and met new people”.

Next, we were in Croydon at the Oxygen Trampoline Park, with six young people and four carers. One carer took three buses to get to the venue and her young person had never been on a trampoline before, what a fantastic new experience! H said  “I enjoyed the activity and it allowed me to meet new people, who I will keep in touch with”.

Then we bowled at Hollywood Bowl in Finchley, where ten young people and four carers joined in the fun. Comments from young people included “today was really fun because I met other people, played bowling and had a lovely burger”, “I have enjoyed everything and would love to come again.”, “ This was amazing, fun and crazy”

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