In August Capstone SE headed to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

Almost 30 Capstone fostering families spent a dry and sunny day at London Zoo, along with staff. We met at the front entrance and families were free to spend time looking around the zoo at the various talks and displays including Penguin Beach Live, Birds of Prey and Lunch with the Otters.

At lunchtime we all met up, there were many smiling faces of children and adults as they had an opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones. Then it was time to go off and explore other areas of the zoo. As the zoo closed, everyone was starting to leave with aching feet and broad smiles from a great day at the zoo. 
Feedback from the trip included, Foster carer M said “We had a lovely day, thank you, F said he enjoyed watching the penguins and A enjoyed the monkeys and their antics. They were pleased to see P and O again, who looked after them when I had a weeks respite back in April.”

Foster carer N commented “It was great to meet some of the other guys and put names to faces. The kids really enjoyed that we all sat and had lunch together and that they got to see some great animals. Their favourite was the lions and the giraffes. Thank you.”

A message from Olwyn Skinner, Registered Manager: “What a wonderful day at the zoo, I had such a lovely time meeting carers and young people.  A lovely sunny day was enjoyed by so many of us. Thank you to everyone who came and made the day so special, I particularly liked watching the penguins and the elegant giraffes.”

Lara Children’s Champion from Dartford was thrilled with a beautiful handmade Thank you card that was posted to her from two of the children that had enjoyed their day.

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