Children’s Christmas Party at Torquay Ski Centre

This year’s Christmas party was probably the first of the season on the 3rd December but is wasn’t lacking in Christmas cheer. The ‘Ringos’ activity was brilliant and the children, carers and staff all had a go – Gill took particular delight in sliding down the slopes and it all made it very good fun for the children.

Capstone South West had a lovely party buffet and JD provided a swiss roll that he had made at school which was delicious and all got eaten! As well as JS’s homemade shortbread biscuits made at cubs. Susan’s hot dogs warmed on a camping stove were an inspired addition to the party which also were scoffed with none wasted! We had crackers and party bubbles, the atmosphere was great!

New friendships developed, particularly notable between Z and J, they were little and large!  C and T hit it off and C managed the activity with her arm in plaster! BW enjoyed the slopes with J and his carer’s nephew, they were definitely the ‘cool’ older boys but they all got stuck in and had a great time.

Feedback from our children:

C enjoyed it very much. She had a good chat with T and they had a lot in common.

J said “ I loved it and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed it” Big thanks from this house.

Julie said “thank you they really enjoyed it” (T and O)

Gill and Les said “ thank you it was great, let us know when the next get together is”

S and Z thought it was great and Z wants to visit the ski slope again soon.

All in all it was great fun and I think we’ll be returning to Torquay ski centre, based at the PGL site, it was great fun. Bring on the carers Christmas meal next!


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