margate juliettaOur team of carers, children and staff at Capstone South East recently got together to enjoy a family day out. Everyone travelled together by coach to enjoy a day at the beach in Margate. We were lucky as the weather was perfect for both the beach and the funfair.

Julietta, a Capstone foster carer said:

“Once boarded  and safely seated on the coach we were all provided with ‘goodie bags’ compliments from Capstone. What a fantastic surprise !. The bag contained fruits, water, healthy snack bar and anti bacteria hand gel.

It was a beautiful turn out with many old and new faces on the coach. The adults chatted amongst each other whilst the children sang songs and played guessing games. New friendships were being formed.”

Upon arrival yet again each family received another surprised gift ‘ ice cream’ money! From Regional Director, Seamus, thanks again!”

The location was a great spot, where teenagers and some carers opted for the funfair and other carers and younger children mostly opted for the beach.

Matthew, a Foster Carer, added:

“What a great family day out! ‘The water is so warm!’ the kids said to me as they splashed about and paddled in the sea. They were right, it was warm! Bucket and spades in tow, we set our sights on building a monster sand castle city.

As well as snacks provided by Capstone, carers brought lunch with them or enjoyed fish and chips on deckchairs on the beach.

Julietta added:

“Without a doubt it was a beautiful day. Many thanks to the staff at Capstone who must have worked very hard to put this event together, in particular the staff who attended and still had their ‘working hat ‘on and kindly provided support and advice …whilst licking ice cream …smiling. “


Regional Director, Seamus, added:

“It’s really important to us to organise events like Margate for all our foster carers. It’s a great opportunity for carers and their children to form friendships with others in similar circumstances. It was delightful that the weather was kind to us on this occasion, and we all had a good time enjoying what Margate had to offer.”

FreweiniAt Capstone we know that it’s important to offer support to carers in a variety of ways. In addition to building relationships with our staff team we also encourage foster carers to get together and support each other too.

That’s why we regularly facilitate support groups, which is an opportunity for carers to meet up, have a chat about fostering, and share ideas on how to make their fostering experience the best that it can be.

The support group was facilitated by Team Manager Roxanne and also attended by new recruit, Priya our Carer Recruitment Assistant who shared updates about Capstone and news about the local team.

On this occasion foster carers got together at a carer’s home. Freweine volunteered to host the support group and to the delight of other carers she prepared a traditional Eritrean buffet for everyone.

Freweini is one our most experienced carers. She has supported over 50 children since she joined Capstone in 2002. Freiweine said:

“I was pleased to host the group at my home it was a great chance to meet each other and get to know better other carers and new staff from Capstone”.

staff photo bowling June 2016 copyThe Dartford Social Work Team arranged an afternoon of bowling on the 3rd May 2016. We had 14 young people attend which was a great turn out! We really enjoyed spending time with the young people that attended, and had the opportunity to discuss their interests and any current issues they may be experiencing.

We all had a great time bowling with burgers afterwards. We were pretty competitive & took it very seriously! In the end Sara’s team (Elise, Sobiga, Abraham, Mohammed & Beata) won & received medals & trophies – which we are planning to compete for next time! Thank you to the Foster Carers for encouraging and facilitating your young people to attend.

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