Samaritans shoebox appealHere at Capstone we are always looking at ways to build brighter futures for our children and young people in the UK.

Our staff and carers are passionate about helping and caring so each year the South West team get involved with the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child project, which is commonly known as the Shoebox appeal.

Our staff and carers generously pack up boxes with fun gifts to send to children overseas, and spread the Capstone love that bit further.

The child’s shoebox is the first gift many children have ever received! The treasures and personal letters inside communicate that someone cares for them and gives them an opportunity to experience of feeling special.

This year our CEO, Richard Compton-Burnett, has also kindly donated £100 to show recognition to staff and carers for their commitment in helping this worthy charity.


 We are delighted to tell you we have arranged a Costco membership for all foster carers and staff within the Capstone Foster Care Group.  This will give you significant benefits as a ‘Trade’ member.

Costco has 24 stores throughout England, 3 stores in Scotland and 1 in Wales.  All are open 7 days per week and sell almost everything you might wish to buy at significantly lower prices than offered in normal retail shops.  They regularly issue SAVINGS offer booklets at different periods throughout the year.  A further bonus… bigger savings!

Checkout and be surprised by the range of what you can buy there.  You may be able to save several hundred pounds each year from your visits to Costco.

Here are foster carer friends Julian and Shauna making the most of their membership!

kerry hamperWhen we asked Kerry and Nathan why they thought fostering with Capstone is great – they said:

“We feel very proud and privileged to be foster carers for Capstone. We know that we are valued and cared for and this is hugely important when looking after a young person in care. Capstone is like one big extended family for us, we know if times get tough, we will get the support we need and when times are good, together we celebrate our successes.


We also get to attend lots of therapeutic training which is not only interesting but helpful in our day to day lives. For us, it is all the above that helps us to be the best foster carers we can be and this in turn helps us to make a big difference in the lives of children and young people.”


Kerry and Nathan have been fostering for 3 years and are supported by our team in Devon. They’ve attended lots of training and have been able to support children with various needs and behaviors, to get through a tough time. We think they’ve shown lots of resilience and patience and they’re always open to learn new ways to best support the young people in their care. We really value the commitment from Kerry and Nathan not only in their fostering task, but also in their continued actions to help us find more people to foster children in need.


We recently sent Kerry and Nathan a hamper to let them know we think they are great too.

Kerry said: “Thank you for this gift, it’s so kind, we really appreciate it. This hamper will be great for a family night watching a movie and spending some quality time together”.


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