We are proud of the support we provide to our foster carers and looked-after children. Alongside the expertise, support and guidance we have to offer, we also believe regular fun and activity days are an important for our children and their carers. Not only are they are usually incredibly fun and/ or educational, it’s also a great chance for them to meet others in similar situations to themselves and build and grow bonds and relationships.

Last week, we organised an outdoor activity day for our local children and carers in the South West at Braeside Education Centre. Braeside has been established for over the past 40 years and has gained an excellent reputation for conferences, outdoor learning/activities and intensive studies both daily and residential in nature. The site itself covers approximately 4.5 acres and has a range of activities for both children and adults as well as lawns and gardens.

It was a great day, one our carers said:

“We both had a fantastic day yesterday! When I asked my young person how she would sum it up she said, “One word – AMAZING!

We thought the team activity in the morning was really good fun and gave us a chance to get to know other people. The children loved being in charge of the fire and the cooking – though even that wasn’t enough to get them to try courgette! It was a great bonding experience and everyone got involved.

The afternoon’s climbing activities were lots of fun and it was great to see so many people, young and old, give things a go. I had never done anything like that before and it was brilliant being able to try the climbing wall for the first time – even though I optimistically attempted to go up the most difficult route first of all – and failed!!

The staff there were highly professional and really engaged with the children, encouraging them to give things a try and I think a lot of the children surprised themselves with how much they could do and I’m sure they all left feeling a great sense of achievement.

This was our first Braeside experience and we really hope it won’t be our last. Thank you to Capstone and all involved for making this a really memorable day.”

On Wednesday 8th August we held the first of many Summer holiday activities for the local looked-after children/young people and their foster carers in Bristol. We invited them to Air Hop, the world’s biggest trampoline park, and we had a brilliant turnout of 22 children, 12 foster carers and 3 staff members. You could see by the children’s / young people’s faces that they had a great time with beaming smiles and red faces!

The day also provided a great opportunity for our foster carers to have a catch up and chat about their experiences with those in similar positions in the café while their children had fun. AM (a looked-after child who attended) said: “I thought it was brilliant. The trampolines were fun – especially if you had someone to play with (I made a new friend!). The battle beam was fun as you would fall onto this big cushion and it wouldn’t hurt at all because it was so soft. The pizza was delicious and it was a great idea to have a Domino’s after bouncing!”

In addition, Janine (one of our foster carers) added: “Great venue – it was lovely to see the kids having so much fun! Good coffee, and nice to catch up / meet other Foster Carers and Social Workers!”

To find out about upcoming events in your area, visit: https://www.capstonefostercare.co.uk/events/

Our looked after children and foster carers from Hampshire and Dorset spent a wonderful day at the Dorset Water Park on Saturday 28th. July.

The day kicked off at 11am with children and carers scrambling over the enormous inflatables on the lake, followed a picnic under a gazebo. The picnic provided the perfect opportunity for carers and young people to catch and enjoy the laid-back setting of the water park. It was lovely to see such an excellent turnout by carers and young people, and the feedback from all who attended was exceptionally positive.

The Watlings family said:

“Today we went to the Dorset Water Park. We had such a brilliant time, even our 6 year old daughter was able to take part for the first time, and she loved it. Thank you Capstone, for a great day, our family love the days organised by the social workers 👍”. Mia, aged 6 added, “I liked the life guard with the long hair, he was so nice and held my hand to help me across the difficult bits”.

The Friberg family added:

“We really enjoyed ourselves even though I didn’t take part in the activity, I had great fun watching everyone else. We really enjoy it when Capstone arrange days out, it’s a great opportunity to relax and have fun with the other carers. The children really enjoy seeing the other children, my own birth children enjoy meeting up with foster children we have had on respite in the past and our foster child enjoys mixing with other foster children. It was a nice change to do something different.”

We as a team would like to thank all those who attended, and we’d also like to thank all the foster carers who attended for their continued work and support with their young people. A special thanks goes to Nikki Youngs, who singlehandedly organised the entire day.


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