Jo’s Superhero Capstone Carer

Here’s an update from Social Worker Jo, about one of her real-life super hero foster carers:

I visited one of my carers on Friday to find out that he is an actual real life ‘SUPER HERO’. Well you can imagine my response to this? What on earth have you been doing? It was with great pride that he showed me a card expressing:

“GREAT THANKS for saving my life”.

The story goes, that whilst out shopping with his lovely wife he hears a call of distress;

“Help help please help me!”

Without hesitation he runs off to the nearby canal to be greeted by a woman who is in the canal unable to get out. Without thinking he grabs hold of her and pulls her out. She is lying on the floor totally distressed. He wraps his coat around her to keep her warm. She informs him that she had jumped in after a dog!

At Capstone we think that all of our carers are SUPER HERO’s OR HEROINE’S as you all do an absolutely fantastic job with some of society’s most vulnerable children. There is a super hero in all of us. Not one where you you have a cape and can fly. But one that is able to offer children and young people the care and stability that they so desperately need. You all have super powers that far surpass any fictional ‘super powers’ yours are real and have a real impact on the the children and young people that  you care for. We desperately need more people who care for and nurture our vulnerable children. Is there a hidden hero inside you? You don’t have to be like my carer, who will remain anonymous, we definitely don’t want you jumping into canals but you can make a significant difference. Many  many thanks to all our carers MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL!

super hero


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