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On Tuesday 2nd October, staff from our Dartford office attended a team volunteering day at Bexley Foodbank. Sandy Birha the Dartford Team Manager got in touch with Gillian Bates who is responsible for the overseeing of Bexley Foodbank to arrange the day and made the choice for staff to lend a helping hand to this great cause.

A lot of our looked after children have come from low income families and may have experienced attending a foodbank when living with birth families. Also when our children and young people have been missing they have often used foodbanks as a means to get by during that period. Gillian advised that although they have a lot of volunteers for the face to face service of providing the food parcels to individuals and families that attend the centres, they do not have many volunteers for the sorting of the food at their storage unit.

Therefore day consisted of a lot of heavy lifting and sorting through donated food to arrange by date. Our team dealt with the Pasta, Cereal and Tinned meat that will go out to help families between now and July 2019. Something interesting taken from the day was that the foodbanks get a lot of tins and pasta but what they really could do with having more of is long-life milk and juice.


It really was a great day in which the whole team pulled together. There was a real sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Capstone South West - Ice skatingCapstone South West organised and thoroughly enjoyed their Winter 2018 Ice Skating trip with carers at SKATE Bournemouth.

The event received a great turnout including 34 carers and children along with 2 staff members, Nikki Youngs and Antonio Martins on the ice. The weather was challenging however the atmosphere of fun and happiness was resounding.

The rink was beautiful, and the festive spirit was very high.

The event ran smoothly from start to finish and there were smiles on faces all round. Those who were uneasy on the ice at first managed to master the art with the help of some friendly penguins.

This type of event provides a well-deserved break, not only for our carers but for our children and Capstone staff. It allows everyone to have some fun and make friendly connections with other families from across the region.

One of our carers commented:

“We all enjoyed the ice skating. I enjoyed standing at the side watching and chatting to carers that I hadn’t seen for a while. My husband and the girls loved skating. On the way home the girls asked if Capstone would do it again next year. Thank you.”

Capstone would like to thank those who attended, and for excelling in all that they do.

Every year our Heywood team organise for their foster families to attend a pantomime performance at the Oldham Coliseum and have been for the past ten years and have never been disappointed! This year, the panto was a really positive night – Oh, yes it was! We reserved 80 seats for our foster families and we were delighted that everyone attended and was able to enjoy the incredible performance of Cinderella.

What’s more, our children and young people even got the chance to meet the actors back stage before the show began! We weren’t sure who was more excited, the children or their carers! Everyone had a fabulous night and it was a great laugh and chance for foster families across the region to come together and socialise.

In addition, our Bradford team also organised a trip to the pantomime for their foster families and they too had a fantastic turnout of carers and children.

We received the following feedback from our carers:

“Thank you so much for organising this. It was E’s first experience of pantomime and he absolutely loved it. To see him enjoying something so much brought a tear to my eye!

I have to admit that I loved every minute too! I was like a big kid!

Thank you again”

Another carer added

“Just a message to say thank you to all at Capstone for organising Pantomime this year. It was a very enjoyable experience and a fabulous performance.

It is very much appreciated.” 

And again…

“A great day out for all and AR especially enjoyed the Hello wishee part. We liked his funny jokes. Looking forward to next year.”

“We enjoy days out like the pantomime etc… it’s lovely to see people and I feel we’re one big family”

It’s always fantastic to hear from our staff too who work incredibly hard with these families on a daily basis and see their hard work is paying off at events like this:

“As staff members, we thoroughly enjoyed Panto, the performances were fantastic, the jokes made us belly laugh, the 3D part was super scary, but the absolutely best part was seeing so many of our foster families together having a great time. And of course hearing one young man in particular join in with great gusto!! My eardrums have only just recovered!”

Here are some images from the Heywood pantomime evening. Everyone looks so happy!

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