Social Pedagogy conference in Preston

Supervising Social Worker, Caroline, and Foster Carer, Jean, from our Somerset team travelled to Lancaster University in Preston to attend a conference  to learn more about the development of social pedagogy in the UK.  Capstone Foster Care has taken part in a 3 year project to look at the impact of introducing social pedagogy within foster care.

Social pedagogy focuses on empowerment, wellbeing and happiness, creating positive experiences holistic learning, reflection and above the importance of relationships. This helps us keep children central to all we do but also to value foster carers as an equal, professional and skilled members of the team around the child.

Supervising Social Worker, Caroline, said;

“Social pedagogy has a serious side but is also lots of fun and very creative. Therefore over the 24 hours we did lots of networking and learning but also played the drums, built rafts, drew pictures, listened to stories and met lots of fascinating people from all over the country.

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