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Fostering can be challenging and it is certainly demanding, but it is very important to us that you feel that whenever you need support you have it. Our experienced staff means that any support, advice and guidance you receive is meaningful and will help reassure you.

The Capstone Foster Care Team will be in touch with you throughout the recruitment process also once you are approved, have a placement and when a child leaves, it is important that you feel you are part of this team and have the opportunity, if you wish, to contribute to the development of Capstone Foster Care.

Our workers will be dedicated to support you, children placed will have their own Social Worker from the placing Local Authority, however if the child needs extra support such as extra educational support or maybe some counselling, then we will ensure this is in place to help the child, which of course helps you.

We will provide you with support day or night, there will always be someone on call, out of hours and there are also out of hours Social Workers for the child if necessary.

We also recognise that there may be times when you need a little break yourselves, at Capstone Foster Care we will provide you with up to 2 weeks paid break a year, which means you still can have that night away or a little well deserved holiday once in a while.

Support group for you

When you join the Capstone Foster Care Team we also want to ensure you have an opportunity to meet other carers, the support group is not compulsory but it is there so Foster Carers can offer support to one another. Just talking to someone who knows what you are going through often helps and reassures you that you are doing a good job.

Peer support for you

When we approve a new carer, we like to link you to another Foster Carer as a “buddy”; your buddy will be able to offer you informal advice about fostering as they may have experienced some or all of what you are feeling. Again you don’t have to contact them but they are there as extra support for you. In time you will be able to offer this type of support to a new carer.

Support group for your children

Sometimes your own children might not want to tell you they are finding fostering a little hard, so we decided to have a group just for them. This is an opportunity for children in fostering families to have some special time, because they are special, lets face it if someone would have asked us to share our mum and dad, our house, our pets, our toys, even our friends, most of us would have said no way, but these remarkable children do it every day. It is so important that they can have some fun, whilst talking to other children who know what they might be feeling at times.

Support group for fostered children

This is an opportunity for fostered children to also share their experiences whilst having a little fun away from you, it is so important that we listen to children in foster care and provide them with an opportunity to change things that are not quite right, we do this by activities, play etc, but where we ensure they feel they have some time away from their foster home to express their views if they wish.

Social events

These are seasonal activities where everyone has an opportunity to get together if they wish, a bit of fun and an opportunity to enjoy a social activity together, again you don’t have to join in but you are always very, very welcome.


Fostering is now considered as a profession, there is an expectation that you have a certain amount of training. Initially you will do compulsory courses such as learning how to be a Foster Carer (skills to foster); you will also be expected to do courses that prepare you for accidents and emergencies such as Child Protection and First Aid.

In the first 12 months of you becoming a Foster Carer you will complete a book showing how you are developing as a Foster Carer (Training Standards), you will be supported to do this throughout, so don’t worry its not like being back at school!

Depending on the type of fostering you will be doing, there will be specialist courses available to you to ensure you are guided in your role as a Foster Carer.

For carers who enjoy professional development, you could progress on to complete more specialist courses, working towards certificates and qualifications such as Diplomas.

Some of the training is compulsory for all applicants, so it may mean if you are applying to foster with a partner they too have to attend.

The training we will provide will be informal and always informative, there are opportunities for you to join in, ask questions etc if you like, but you can always talk to anyone at Capstone Foster Care separate to being in a group if you prefer.

Financial Support

Yes, Foster Carers are paid a fee for caring for children, the money you receive is to enable you to care for any children placed, it should take into account the extra costs for bills, but also any activities you may be doing with the child etc, but it also is an allowance to recognise the skills you have as a Foster Carer.

At Capstone Foster Care we want to ensure you receive a generous fee to enable you to provide all you might need to for caring for children in Foster Care. You will receive between £350 – £410 per week, per child.

If you are a Foster Carer for a disabled child or have a parent and child placement, the amount paid to you will be higher, between £450 – £550.

However, when you apply to foster, we do need to see that you are financially stable and that the fostering allowance is not considered as a wage, or regular income. This is important, as there may be times when you do not have a placement and therefore will not receive any allowance.

You can apply to foster if you are receiving benefits as it should not affect your benefit rights.

We can provide you with a breakdown of fees if you are interested in fostering and we feel it is right for you.

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